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DenPaku The Beachfront MIJORA

13 cottages nestled on the beautiful beach of Amami Oshima where you can become a part of Amami’s stunning natural scenery. Best for couples.


Restored traditional Amami Style houses converted into the vacation rentals. Great for families and group of friends.

DenPaku Amami

Precious thatched roof granary
a friendly gathering place with the villagers

Wake up with the sun
rising over the horizon

A true hideaway in paradise,
surrounded by tropical trees

Ideal location to enjoy both the village life and nature

Spacious yard and terrace
great to have fun with
your beloved furry friends

A new type of Denpaku that offers
traditional weaving experience

A quiet beach all to yourself
Enjoy the Amamian-blue sea to your heart’s content

DenPaku Kakeromajima

Clink your glasses on the rooftop
with the amazing view of the sea and starry sky

Legendary house where a heroine
in a popular Japanese movie lived.

DenPaku Tokunoshima

Enveloped in lush nature
with a chance to encounter sea turtles 。

Feel the soothing evening sea breeze
sitting in the coral stone gazebo

Unforgettable stay surrounded
by a panoramic view of majestic nature

Stay under the roof frame that watched over
the family home for a hundred years

Through the sacred tunnel to the beach
Get revitalized at the blessed, mythical DenPaku

Kick back on the spacious terrace
caressed by soothing sea breeze

DenPaku Hotel Akakina

Popular supermarket was converted into the simple and comfortable renovation hotel with restaurant, shop and gallery.


DenPaku Dormitory & Laundry

Casual hotel which was converted from the former Karaoke Box. As there is a laundromat within the building, good for the budget travelers, also for long-term residents.

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