Culture Experience Programs

Cultural programs are available for your Amami experience.Please book 1 week in advance by E-mail.

*Please be noted that the programs can not be booked sometimes, due to village events, bad weather, etc.

Program No.1
Traditional Dancing (Hachigatsu-Odori)
Area : Amami Oshima

The Hachigatsu-Odori (August Dance) is a traditional dance observed on the Amami Islands. In late September every year, it is performed to celebrate and give thanks for successful harvests.

Local participants gather in circles to sing and dance to the sounds of the ‘chijin’ drums and Amami ‘shamisens’ (three-stringed Japanese lutes).

In this DenPaku program, 20 – 30 musicians and dancers welcome you into the dance circle, provide local food and drinks. They will teach you how to dance and you would feel as you are a part of the community.

Price:JPY30,000/group (without food), JPY48,000/group (including food, alcohol, soft drink) , (Please contact to us for the price in case of 10 persons in a group or more)
Time:19:00 ~20:30 (1 ~ 1.5 hour)
Place:DenPaku TAKAKURA -a house with a thatched roof granary-
Booking:1 week prior

Program No.2
Tsumugi Weaving
Area : Amami Oshima

Stay at DenPaku Handloom House (House with weaving machines) and learn how to weave traditional Tsumugi. Well experienced lady from the village teach you how to make Tsumugi textile.
You can bring your own weaven peace of textile to home. (about 20 cm in 2 hours program)

Price: JPY 5,000/person, JPY 8,000/2 persons
Time:10:30 ~14:00 (2 hour for 1 person, 4 hours for 2 persons)
Place:DenPaku Handloom House  (also book for an accommodation)
Booking:1 week in advance

Program No.3
Mud Dying/Indigo Dying
Area : Amami Oshima

Oshima Tsumugi is said as the one of the world three most treasured weaved textile. (Other two are French Goblins and Persian carpet)
There are many processes to complete Tsumugi, and mud dying is one of the important process.
Please bring anything you would like to dye (up to 3 items, natural material is better)
Be dressed in clothes that you won’t bother getting dirty  (apron and long boots are available to lend)

Price: JPY 4,000/person
Time:13:00 ~17:00 (2 – 4 hours, depends on what you would like to dye)
Place:Akira Dye Atelier (278-1 Beru, Kasari-cho, Amami-city) 
Booking:1 week in advance

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